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PCWC Advantage

Many companies get concerned about outsourcing due to a perceived loss of control over their inventories and shipments.  That isn't the case with PCWC. We understand the need for transparency, visibility and a high level of communication.  We put the real time status of your business as close as your smart phone or any other web-connected device.


Numerous studies have identified these main benefits to outsourcing:

  • Improved order accuracy and cycle time
  • Shorter order cycle time
  • Ability to leverage the “supply chain specific” technology of your 3PL
  • Trades traditionally fixed costs into variable costs
  • Aligns costs with revenue streams during peak seasons
  • Both Buyer and Provider can focus on their own core competency
  • Flexibility in space, processes, labor and more


 We save you money Our experience in covering the varied handling, storage and project demands of hundreds of customers means that whatever you need, we have likely done it before.  We have the infrastructure in place to provide the most effective method of storage, the most efficient handling techniques and the flexibility and knowledge to repack, re-label, build displays or any other special project that you or your customer requires.  We have an in-depth understanding of the very specific requirements for routing, presenting and labeling your goods for the country’s major retailers.
 We let you focus Partnering with PCWC will allow you to focus on growing your business.  Together we will establish service level targets for the areas of the supply chain that are most important to you.  We will demonstrate our performance through KPI reporting on a mutually agreed upon schedule.  We will communicate proactively – no surprises! 
 We keep you flexible The requirements of your marketplace change rapidly.  We have a demonstrated ability to quickly modify or add capabilities, gear up for a “Black Friday” type event, a forward buy, a new product launch or in response to an acquisition.  Change is our normal. 
 We provide you peace of mind We treat your business like our business - because it is.  PCWC cannot be successful unless we are continuously delivering on our commitments of accuracy, timeliness and responsiveness.


Since 1927, we have run our business as an extension of our customers, focusing on service.  The supply chain is an incredibly dynamic environment.  At PCWC we offer the agility of a small company while we provide the capabilities of a large company.  Capabilities such as:

Warehousing - Modern, high clearance, food grade buildings managed with a task-directed WMS. 

Transportation – TL, LTL, Drayage, Consolidation, Cross-docking and “Milk Run” services.

Technology – Customer portal, EDI, Lot Control, Expiration Date Control, Track and Trace.

Hazardous Materials – A state-of-the-art facility capable of storing virtually any hazard and at almost any temperature.

You won’t fully appreciate our true competitive advantage until you actually meet our team.  Once you visit us you will find a group that is both proactive and accountable; a group that will always act in your best interest; a team that is dedicated to your success.

If you would like to discuss the PCWC difference, please call me at 909-545-8100 or email me at jemmerling@pcwc.com.



Jim Emmerling