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Quality Performance

Performance measurement is an integral part of the way Pacific Coast Warehouse manages its operations. Standard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measured and As a part of defining the operational requirements, PCW will work with our customers to establish performance expectations. Our actual performance will be measured against service requirements jointly established by our customers and our PCW teams. Below are key metrics that are measured and reported monthly (Information is mostly available on LIDS): 

Receiving Efficiency 
Elapsed time from vehicle arrival until inventory is stowed away and the system is updated
Cartons per hour 
Storage Efficiency 
Stock location accuracy 
Cycle Counting 
Storage density (cartons per square foot) 
Shipping Efficiency 
Percentage of orders shipped on time 
Cartons per hour 
Time until system is updated 
Shipping Accuracy 
Number of incorrect shipments identified 
Percentage of inbound damage 
Percentage of warehouse related damage


As a food grade industry participant, PCWC has continuously received Certificates of Excellence from the American Sanitation Institute signifying our rating as Excellent.

Customer satisfaction is our passion at PCWC, our goal is to continually exceed your expectations.
Clients have recognized our efforts by presenting us with the following awards:
  • Quality Performance Award 
  • Partners in Quality Award 
  • Everett Logistics Recognition Award 
As a food grade industry participant, PCWC has successfully fulfilled requirements set by American Institute of Baking and has received a 

  • Grade of Superior Outstanding Customer Service Award
  • Outstanding Customer Service Award
  • Outstanding Distribution Center of the Year