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Industries Served

Food & Beverage
This competitive industry requires efficiencies in their supply chain and strict adherence to FSMA.  Lead times, delivery requirements and quality criteria are ever more restrictive. Manufacturers need an expert partner who can provide efficiencies in all aspects of the process, reduce costs and risk, and increase competitiveness and compliance.

At PCW, we bring flexible and efficient warehousing and transportation processes.  We ensure your inventory levels are updated real time so you know your product levels instantly.  The deliveries to your customer are on time, accurate and compliant.
Alcohol, Beer, Wine & Spirits
This industry requires balancing supply and demand in a market that is three tiered. Managing the needs of the producers of the product, the wholesale distributors and the retailers and restaurants.  Each has distinct supply chain needs, some with product produced for masses and others with premier products that are for the selective. The shifts in demand and government regulations push this industry into the complex category.

PCW understands the regulatory requirements of this industry.  We can manage complex supply chains by simplifying the steps required to meet your expectations.  By keeping it simple and understanding the regulatory needs, we are able to meet your expectations and those of your customer at all levels of your supply chain.
Consumer Packaged Goods
Traditional practices are no longer enough.  Consumer pressures for quality, customization, and selection have challenged this industry. Competing on price has companies trying to maintain margins while elevating their customer service.  Transportation and increasing freight costs continue to be a concern.

PCW realizes we don't have all the answers but we collaborate with our customers to provide the most efficient and cost effective environment for them in southern California.  Our strategy to work with carrier partners allow us to select the best transportation method for your deliveries.  Our longtime partners understand the need for efficiency and accurate delivery execution. 
Chemical & Industrial
This volatile supply chain is all about managing risk and creating sustainability within the supply chain.  Along with the usual requirements for on-time and accurate transactions are the Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality (ESH&Q) criteria.

With PCW you will find a partner committed to "responsible care".  Our hazardous materials distribution center is state-of-the-art and our SOPs are designed with chemical needs in mind.