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Pacific Coast Warehouse Company
3601 E. Jurupa Street
Ontario, California 91761
Phone:909.545.8100 ext. 227

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The PCWC facilities operate on a staggered shift operation, five days per week, with essential personnel available 24-hours a day, seven days a week on a call-in basis.

Our employees are true associates with a long-term commitment to the success of our clients, their customers, and Pacific Coast Warehouse Company

Full benefit packages, medical, dental, 401K, paid vacations contribute significantly to work force stability and the quality of service provided to our clients. 

A comprehensive pre-employment process (testing, medical, back ground check, drug screening) is used for all prospective employees.

We believe the benefits, training and advancement opportunities we offer, contribute to work force stability and the motivation to provide superior service and loyalty to Pacific Coast Warehouse Company and its clients.

We realize that supporting the fluctuating business activities of its customers is critical. We therefore strike a balance between a core set of associates and a flexible contingent work force. 

What makes PCWC unique is our FLEXIBILITY to handle any product and SOLUTIONS CUSTOMIZED to serve your needs.